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New drawings 2017/2018


Tree of Color A3 Promarker on paper.


Assignment for a family in crisis. ‘Strong together’. A3 Promarker on paper.

Notre Vigages

‘Notre visages’ Sold. 30 x 30 cm.Promarker on paper.


‘Divided SeaLand’ made for a friend. A3 Promarker on paper.


Killing Time during rainy days in vacationbungalow Dieverbrug. A5 promarker on paper.


Waiting for the rain to stop in vacationbungalow Dieverbrug. ‘squares’ A3img_20161014_201458-21

‘Good Vibrations’ A3 promarker on paper. (sealed inn)

My drawings

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All drawings are on paper, made with promarker. They have different sizes. It goes from 8 by 8 cm to 90 by 100 cm. I will make a seperate post with all info.